High Quality and


We have built our business by earning the trust of our customers through quality car wash. We understand the needs of our customers and make every effort of maintain a consistently high performance level.

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Knowledgeable Staff

They will answer all of your questions and concerns, make recommendations, suggestions and give professional advice. You can always count on them to treat your vehicle as if it were the only one on the lot.

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Accommodating Options

We provide various options when it comes to auto detailing and car washing; all within a budget that is comfortable and affordable to you. Our prices are very cost effective and economical.

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Customers Comes


We are open for business at hours convenient to the general public. Visit us today and you will get to experience our exceptional customer service. We look forward to serving you.

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Carwash Location

Welcome to

Scripps Poway Hand Carwash

Family owned and operated, Scripps Poway Carwash is a San Diego car wash, which has embraced various types of innovative technology to provide our customers with multiple options to choose from. Each year, we professionally wash thousands of cars; and whatever method we use, you will be sure to get a clean and spotless car when we are done.

Doing business with us will also allow you to help with protecting the environment. How? Many people are not aware that it takes up to one hundred and forty gallons of water to wash your vehicle at home and none of that water is recycled. On the contrary, we will not only use fifteen gallons of water or less for each vehicle, but we also recycle the water through a filtration system. Your vehicle will be cleaner, but the environment will also be clean too.

Why do business with us?

We are set apart from our local competitors because we offer quality car wash, a friendly atmosphere and excellent customer service. We will ensure that you are fully satisfied before you drive off of our lot. This is how confident we are that you will be totally pleased with our impeccable service.

Each vehicle is treated as if it were our very own. We pay attention to detail and go to lengths to make you happy with the results. We will always under promise and over deliver.

Take advantage of our discounts:

Visit Our Coupons Page for our running specials.

Our detailing staff is certified in auto detailing and trained to provide exceptional work on your vehicle. We offer honest assessment and analysis of the condition of your vehicle prior to providing quality carwash.

We offer the best auto detail for every car make and model. Used or new vehicles, we do not discriminate. We are proud of the quality that we offer; especially our detailing service. As part of the greater San Diego community, we take pride in serving you. We want you to know how much we care about you and appreciate your business.

If you are the average American residing in South California, you will want to come and see us because we are in close proximity to you and you will find our location convenient. We have flexible hours of operation to accommodate your busy schedule. Call us today for a shinier, cleaner and greater looking vehicle that you can be proud of driving!

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